Agile isn't just for software anymore! More and more businesses are finding that applying Agile concepts and approaches to the work they do has real business benefits. Any team with a goal of delivering value can apply the Agile Manifesto and Principles and achieve higher levels of innovation, collaboration, and satisfaction. Let us help you take advantage of an Agile mindset in fun and creative ways.


Develop an Agile mindset for your team using custom training programs based on your current needs. Training modules blend various Agile methodologies including Kanban, Lean, Scrum, SAFe, and XP and use Training from the Back of the Room techniques to engage participants.

Length of training can vary with one, two, and three day workshops available. Please note that successful Agile adoption is an ongoing process, although focused training can help kick-off a transformation, it is only a first step in the change process. Executive Agile training is also available.

Team Coaching

Using proven Agile Coaching techniques we help teams discover their own, best practices. Teams learn how to build a healthy, sustainable Agile environment where coaching is no longer needed.

Onsite Agile Coaching can vary in length and involvement depending on client needs. Typical engagements can range from one day up to five days a week. 1:1 coaching is also available.

Enterprise Coaching

We work with all levels of management to explore how Agile enables leaders to focus on what they do best, lead.

Much like onsite Agile Coaching, onsite Enterprise Coaching can vary in length and involvement depending on client needs. Typical engagements can range from one to five days a week.  

Strategic Planning

Explore the core of your business by identifying the actors and agents that influence your business and determine the connections can impact your business. Create a business model canvas using fun, interesting, and engaging techniques and see your business as you never have before.

Strategic Planning sessions are typically run with Product or Senior Management teams with one day kick-offs or full two and three day sessions.

Agile Facilitation

We work with teams to ensure engagement and collaboration with a focus on creating value.

Agile Facilitation is available with half, one, or multi-day options and can be purchased in packages for recurring events. 

Agile Games

Help your team explore new concepts using Agile games and simulations that allow them to explore innovation and creativity.  Using techniques such as LEGO® Serious Play®, Improv, and Agile Simulations, we incorporate game play into almost everything we do. 

Onsite Game Facilitation can be half, one, and two day sessions and can be incorporated into other internal events such as Leadership Summits, Release Planning, and Team Building.
Mob Programming workshop, San Francisco 2015

Mob Programming workshop, San Francisco 2015


If you are looking to host an Agile event such as an Agile Games Day, Lean/Agile Coffee, an Open Space, or other workshop, we can help you put on a memorable event. Our events can focus on a variety of Agile topics for groups ranging from 5 to 100 attendees. Events can be either internal or promoted to the general public.  

Events can be half, one, or two days in length and additional facilitators can be provided for larger groups. Events can be part of larger internal or external events.
Paul wynia hosting Agile Games Day San Diego 2016

Paul wynia hosting Agile Games Day San Diego 2016