Agile Consultancy, Workshops, and Training for your teams


At Work Agile Consulting we take Agile to heart. We work with our clients at both the Enterprise and Team level to determine the most effective and efficient combination of Agile practices to fit your needs.  

Our one and only goal is to help you create an effective, creative, and positive environment in which your teams thrive. We do this by promoting collaboration and cooperation within a sustainable Agile framework focused on continuous delivery and improvement.

Based in San Diego, California, we provide onsite Agile training and coaching for teams around the world including Europe, Asia, India, and the Americas. Whether co-located in a single space or distributed around the globe, we can help you learn to minimize the pain while turning up the good.

So if you're looking to adopt Agile for the first time or to improve on your existing processes, we're ready to help you and your teams reach their full potential.

 Paul Wynia                                                                                    Founder and Chief Agile Consultant